History Of Love




Our History

It was during the depression in the year 1929 - when the Brown family pulled up stakes, by the grace of God, and moved from West Chester, PA to Somerville, NJ. Being led of the Lord, Mother Brown, as she was known, opened her living room for service. School was opened and the children went to be taught about their Creator. There was a little building that had been used for gambling, dancing, etc. This place was closed and padlocked with the stipulations that it could not be used for anything but a House of Prayer. It was sold to Rev. Ruth Brown by Mr. Brock Hall, who so graciously consented to build a baptismal pool. They scrubbed floors, improvised benches and kept warm via a potbelly stove but they had wonderful meetings! Named Shiloh Pentecostal Church (SPC), when they finished paying for the building, Mother Brown began saving their church offerings for the church building prior to the expansion. They broke ground in the early 1940's. Finally, after worshipping for quite a number of years in the basement, the main sanctuary was completed. What rejoicing! Everything was dedicated and sanctified to God's service.

Mother Brown lived only two years after the completion of the church and God called her from labor to reward. But before leaving, she appointed the late Rev. Denvil Harley, telling him: "My life is your life." Rev. Denvil Harley served for 10 years. His ministry was dynamic and blessed of God. Many left, but many were saved during his ministry. He was a faithful preacher, teacher, and evangelist, full of good works. He crammed 20 years of work into the ten years he pastored. God called him to rest, but before his passing he advised the congregation that Rev. Adeline Harley, Assistant Pastor at that time, would become the Pastor of Shiloh. Having been called and sent of God and having worked faithfully in every capacity of the church, being ordained in the year 1962, Rev. Adeline Harley pastored for 25 years. Pastor Adeline Harley completed her work on August 26, 1993. When her mother was called from "labor to reward," Rev. Patricia S. Webster ("Pastor Pat"), who was the Assistant Pastor at that time, accepted the mantle of leadership and this awesome calling with humility.

In March of 1994, Pastor Pat was installed as pastor of SPC. Not knowing what God had in store for her, Pastor Pat has completely relied on the leadership and direction of God. When God gave Pastor Pat the vision for SPC, He let her know that the vision would be based on the gift He gives to each of us every day, LOVE. Love has been the foundation of SPC, renamed the Christian Love Center by God, and with His guidance, SPC has grown into a congregation of members who live this vision. Of the many things that God has asked Pastor Pat to do for His glory, most would say that the expansion of SPC-CLC would be the most prominent. And on October 21, 2006, 77 years after the inception of SPC, the groundbreaking ceremonies were held. SPC has been expanded to more than three times its originally size, with the original wall that stood on Green Street still a part of the structure and foundation. In 2010, SPC celebrated 81 years in ministry - a milestone for any church, but we stand in awe of OUR GREAT GOD who deserves all glory and honor and praise for His marvelous work.

On October 17, 2011, Pastor Pat completed her work and was called from “labor to reward.” ┬áHer loving husband and co-laborer in the vineyard, Pastor Jack Webster, took over the leadership of SPC-CLC and is leading the membership into a new level of God’s glory.